Carel de Jager

Blockchain Engineer

what i do

Solving Problems

Welcome to my page. Here you will find details about the work that I'm passionate about. I basically love any engineering problem in public blockchains. I split my time between software development, training, leading blockchain research at the CSIR, and a number of side projects


My mission is to use my skills as a technologist to build tools that utilise open public blockchain technology. I love cryptocurrencies, cryptography, energy and mathematics. I maintain a number of side projects myself, but I also lead teams of highly skilled engineers and developers.


 I am also passionate about education. I've trained engineers, developers, bankers, executives and regulators all around the world. I love public speaking, especially to a technical audience. 


I also lead a blockchain research team at the CSIR, which is a state-owned research organisation in Pretoria, South Africa. We do some interesting work with Self-Sovereign identity, the metaverse, payments and non-custodial wallets.


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